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Main Thing


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Release - Main Thing

Encouraging women to acknowledge their achievements, CHAII says “’Main Thing’ came to life in the studio when I was thinking ‘You know what? I’ve never stopped to give myself a little bit of credit or tell myself: I DID THIS SH*T’. All the sacrifices and hard work brought me to this moment, where I’m constantly pushing and creating within the only industry I ever envisioned myself in ever since I was a kid. Shout out to all the hardworking women out there, you’re seen and you’re killing it.”


Choreographed by Kevin Maher, Directed by Taine Noble and produced by CHAII, the stunning music video for ‘Main Thing’ was brought to life in Los Angeles, which is home to an abundant Persian community that provided the perfect canvas for the music video, and saw an ensemble of world-class dancers unite for a universal message, reminding everyone to take a moment to recognize their own accomplishments.


Produced by Frank Keys, ‘Main Thing’ follows on from CHAII’s recent single ‘Drippin In Gold’, which is all about owning your individuality and staying laser-focused on your dreams, no matter what obstacles come your way. It's a constant reminder to never settle for anything less and to hustle relentlessly towards your goals. Accompanied by a striking video, ‘Drippin In Gold’ sees CHAII jump between two juxtaposed worlds, one imagining a future of greatness, glamour and gold, the other paying homage to her Iranian heritage with beautiful shots of her close-knit Persian community.

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