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Proteins of Magic



Divine Physics


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Release - Divine Physics

Divine Physics, the first single from Proteins of Magic’s (Nashville/NZ) forthcoming EP ‘Angel Hieroglyphics’ sees Kelly Sherrod move from the cyber to the organic. Moments of synths anchor a spare voice and a piano. There’s darkness in it, heartache and loneliness. But confidence, too, of a multi-disciplinary artist wielding a wide range of genre and styles under her Proteins of Magic banner.

The beginning of Divine Physics came from time in the depths of a haunting. Sherrod sat at the piano, frustrated to find a way to the skeleton of a new idea which couldn’t quite be reached. But frustration turned out to be the key, palpable, and driving into the core of the song like a collision in slow-motion.

“I started peeling away under the moss in my brain pieces of where I wanted to be.” Kelly says, “Through that struggle it felt like a divine moment when I wrote the first section of the song. It was like something telling me what to do to have access to my new world. It’s the first song where I felt like this was really me.”

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