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Neil MacLeod


Once in Love (2XM Remix)


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Release - Once in Love (2XM Remix)

Released in September 2022, Neil MacLeod's 'We Have Known Lost Days', took listeners on a journey through the darker side of human experience, bringing together both soul and electronic genres; paired with a live visual EP, it relayed the raw power and virtuosity, that are the hallmarks of MacLeod’s live performances.

DAZED wrote 'Neil MacLeod articulates a very specific strain of percussive electronic soul music. Set against stuttering backbeats that draw from the LA beats and post-dubstep traditions, he blends tastefully digitally manipulated vocals with electronic textures and melodies. The results are a richly cinematic set of songs that put the darker side of human nature under the microscope'
Now Particle Recordings present the first track in a series of remixes of Neil MacLeod's 'We Have Known Lost Days' EP.


NZ and Australian-based brothers Liam and Ben Murray - 2XM, have been creating their own unique blend of dance music since 2016. Exploring a wide range of sonic influences and interests in jazz, classical, hip-hop, electronic and garage music, in 2022 they released their debut album 'Love Unbound' that was co-produced by Neil MacLeod. MacLeod and 2XM have worked on various writing and production projects together for years, and released singles 'Unknow' and 'Only You' in 2021.

'Once in Love', the closing track from the EP, is originally a torch song, with MacLeod lamenting that 'We have known lost days', over a processed piano loop that builds up to a densely layered crescendo, leaving the audience alone basking in a glow of reverb and synthesisers. With this remix, 2XM quietly pulls the listener back on to the dancefloor, with their 2-step syncopated beats leading the way. With shimmering tones and textures creating a sonic bed for MacLeod's digitally manipulated vocals to float above, it is a beautifully crafted piece of stripped back dance music.

EP Radio support from BBC Radio 6 Music (UK), DUBLAB (USA) Noods Radio (UK), BYTE FM (Germany) RDU (NZ) Radioactive (NZ) RNZ (NZ)

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