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Neil MacLeod


We Have Known Lost Days Remixed


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We Have Known Lost Days Remixed

Electronic and alternative pop artist Neil Macleod releases the remixed works of his highly praised EP 'We Have Known Lost Days’, heroically stacked with producers from across New Zealand and Europe. Throwing Snow, Second Self, Leaping Tiger, Proteins of Magic, Brainwaltzera, Amamelia and 2XM unite to articulate their takes on a track each, while thoughtfully paying homage to the original.

MacLeod is one to watch as he quickly rises, performing a flurry of sold-out shows in both the North and South Island, opening for acts such as Drax Project and hailing support from BBC Radio 6 Music, DAZED, Dublab, RNZ, Under the Radar, and Pilerats to name a few.

DAZED wrote 'Neil MacLeod articulates a very specific strain of percussive electronic soul music. Set against stuttering backbeats that draw from the LA beats and post-dubstep traditions, he blends tastefully digitally manipulated vocals with electronic textures and melodies. The results are a richly cinematic set of songs that put the darker side of human nature under the microscope’.

His visceral seven-track EP takes listeners on a journey exploring both dark and tender aspects of being human. Released in September, the body of work was accompanied by a “visual EP”, directed by Oscar Keys. The film explores a rich world of lighting, visuals, sound and showmanship, bundling a wealth of creativity into 26 well- spent minutes of screen time.

Nothing short of a stunning extension from this short film, the reworks present an eclectic mix of genres, triumphantly opening with Throwing Snow’s remix of ‘Downwards’. The prolific UK producer showcases his exquisite production on the track with a dramatic build-up of layers and mind-whirling effects. Having previously remixed tracks by Gold Panda, Heathered Pearls and Ital Tek and released on Fabric's imprint Houndstooth, he plays on the powerful and cinematic aspects of MacLeod’s song with a deep warmth and glistening crispness.

The listener is then quickly guided into an organic breakbeat world created by Second Self, a stark contrast from the stripped-back original yet perfectly placed. Winner of Best Electronic Artist at the Aotearoa Music Awards 2022, Leaping Tiger gives a Frank Ocean-Esque remix of ‘Openly’, releasing the listener into a lush playful sonic wave, crashing somewhere in a relaxed corner of outer space.

From space to a sonic bed here on earth, the innovative Proteins of Magic’s rework of ‘Mouthshut’ brings forward all earthly delights, be it swinging percussive strikes, piano or the flute. 

The highly secretive Brainwaltzera gives their detailed take on ‘Viscera‘, retaining the expressive builds created by MacLeod. Based somewhere in Europe, the producer has been rumoured to be various IDM greats, but no one knows for sure. Auckland producer and musician Amamelia, whose ‘Taller Than Trees’ remix is filled to the brim with classic vocoder sounds and effervescent builds, featuring her signature breakbeats and energy-filled production. To close off the EP, NZ and Australian-based brothers Liam and Ben Murray, 2XM transform ‘Once in Love’ from a largely beatless soundscape to a dance track filled with curious percussive elements.

The seven artists take Neil MacLeod’s natural tendency to push the boundaries of electronic music even further, offering reflections of MacLeod’s artistic integrity while interpreting it in their own styles. All of the reworks balance Macleod’s vocals lovingly with precision from the artist’s sophomore EP, the first release from label Particle Recordings.

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