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Proteins of Magic - EPK


2022 FINALIST - Auckland Live / Taite Music Prize for ‘Best Independent Debut’




AMBIENT LIGHT  (NZ) Bridget Herlihy writes  — “To say that Sherrod conjures magic onstage would be a significant understatement. Having followed Proteins of Magic for some time, this was my first time witnessing her perform live, and the set was absolutely exquisite. Sherrod masterfully layers and loops sounds, building a rich and textured soundscape which beautifully juxtaposes melodies with heavier beats. Opening the set with ‘Cake’, a song she wrote about living in Tennessee, the ethereal sounds were accompanied with animated visuals the added an extra element of magic to the set. Sherrod’s stage presence commands attention, aptly summarised by the gentleman seated next to me who loudly proclaimed “she’s awesome” at the conclusion of each song. And indeed she is.


UNDER THE RADAR (NZ) Chris Cudby — “The icing on the cake is certainly Sherrod's spine-tingling vocal powers, delivering absolutely commanding performances throughout the eight track collection”


Graham Reid (NZ) writes —“There's an over-riding sense of beautiful, crafted tension here which is very much in line with the blurred edge between innovative alt.pop and contemporary art music”


LOUD WOMEN (USA) writes —“Out now from New Zealand’s Proteins Of Magic: ‘One More Thing’ is our video of the day. This incredible ‘claymation’ video was painstakingly created by the artist, Kelly Sherrod. This provides a haunting electropop landscape to a personal pandemic tale”


AMERICAN PANCAKE (USA) writes — “The track itself pulsates like blood running through veins while spacey, surreal and futuristic dance ticks and tocks float in and around Sherrod's evocative resonant vocals


Guitar Girl Mag (USA) writes — “Traveling through a delicate and dramatically elemental world, “Hopeful Symphony” encourages having faith in rare human connections and finding new perspective within inevitable relationship challenges. The song commences in an environment constantly tinted with tragedy and goes on to describe what is sometimes needed.”


13th Floor - Live Review



bFM Freak The Sheep - Proteins of Magic special guest 28th September


bFM Breakfast - Interview with Kelly on bFM breakfast 29th September


RDU - Breakfast interview 30th September


Radio1 - Breakfast interview 30th September


Radio Active - Live Session 30th September

Interview for 95 bFM Long Player- 2021


Interview for 95bFM breakfast - 2021

AUDIO FOUNDATION - Interview about the voice 2021



‘Lethal’ was playlisted on 95bFM,


‘Hopeful Symphony’ was in the New Zealand National Alternative music charts for 2 weeks (#25 aug 2021, #40 July 2021)


‘Hopeful Symphony’ was playlisted on B-rotation 95bFM for 3 weeks.


‘Hopeful Symphony’ was in the 95bFM Top ten for 2 weeks starting July 2021. (#8 week 1 , #6 week 2)


95bFM ‘WILLOW’ was playlisted on A-rotation for 4 weeks starting November 2021.


‘WILLOW’ was in the 95bFM top ten for 4 weeks starting Nov 2021. (#3 week 1, #3 week 2, #4 week 3, #4 week 4)


‘One More Thing’ was a hit pick on the SRN chart


‘One More Thing’ was a hit pick on RDU student radio


‘Siren’ was #5 on the 95 bFM Top Ten August 25, 2021


Lethal: Video made by Rory White. Premiered by Under The Radar

SwitchBlade live: Filmed by Alex McDonald

Hopeful Symphony: - Video made by Proteins Of Magic, currently sitting at 278K views on YouTube. 

One More Thing: - Video made by Proteins of Magic. RNZ Video premiere 

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