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Artist - Beth Torrance 

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The songs of eighteen-year-old Beth Torrance put you in mind of the recording artists who seem to spring fully formed from nowhere. Whether out of small towns or swanky suburbs, sooty cities or streets of ill repute, they’re the singers, songwriters and producers who have, seemingly by osmosis, absorbed the music they love, contemporary and classic, and produced a somehow timeless first clutch of songs that astonish in their ability to knock you flat and then drag you right back up to turn over the tape again.

Co-produced in the summer of 2021 with Parawai / Thames composer, producer, artist and legendary Supergroove frontman Karl Steven - this is the effect Beth’s debut album let’s move to the seaside and never feel lonely again has, too. Beth’s first two singles, i really really really really like u and title track seaside, provide unimpeachable, poptastic credentials and her debut long player, released on cassette in February 2022, seals the deal.

Beth Torrance-Hetherington was raised on the banks of the muddy Kaipara, north-west of Auckland, and by the seaside of the coastal township of Thames. Brought up on a steady diet of Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone, Miles Davis, Elliott Smith and Kiss, Beth has produced a soundtrack for her age. In her own words Beth’s album features “an almost unreasonable level of layered vocals, sweet harmonies and dreamy reverb, set in a secret garden of guitars and sonics which welcome the listener in like a close friend.”

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